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Supervision is a requirement and a necessity in the practice of psychotherapy and counseling.  We tend to operate within the bubble of our theory and observation, even though we are always with others.  This leaves us in a feedback loop with ourselves -- not a good way to be sure that what we are doing is really useful and helpful.  Supervision is the way that counselors and psychotherapists get helpful feedback and, maybe even learn a few new things.  It is also the way we keep track of ourselves in the work we are doing.

Supervision, as I practice it, is a parallel process with the therapy itself.  Whether the supervision is regarding individuals or groups, whether the supervision is in itself in an individual or a group forum, the supervisor is always trying to understand the supervisee and his/her views and experiences in a way that is parallel to the therapist doing so for the client/patient.  Supervision, of course, is not therapy nor should it be. But in some undefinable way, the supervisor is often in the therapy room with the supervisee and her/his patients.  I have supervised both beginners and long-time therapists.  I am familiar with the work both dynamically and through an ACT perspective and provide supervision in both.  I have particularly found that I can be helpful to alcoholism and substance abuse counselors using the CBT and ACT methods.

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