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I provide psychotherapy and counseling in the form of individual, couples, and group therapy to people between the ages of 17 and 70.  I also provide supervision to both beginning and more experienced therapists and counselors seeking consultation and growth in their fields.

While I specialize particularly in:

men’s issues and men struggling with both obvious and more covert forms of depression

 [depression in men often manifests itself as an ongoing irritability]


attorneys handling personal issues of depression, anxiety, or compulsive

behavior problems


persons in the process of separation/divorce or dealing with the results

of such an event


I also have extensive experience with and see people with such issues as:

various maladaptive compulsive behaviors

mood problems such as depression, dysthymia, or anxiety

stress issues from employment, relationships, or other such causes

posttraumatic stress symptoms

issues of emotional dyscontrol (anger, fear, etc.)



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