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Group Therapy
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Group psychotherapy is a powerful and extremely useful form of therapeutic interaction.  It is important to remember that human beings are basically “hard-wired” to grow within the context of interpersonal experience.  We are born into a family group (of some form), find or develop peer groups, and we often seek to create our own new family group at some time in our lives.  Along the way, we are generally required to interact with others in various ways.  Our very brains are constructed to encourage and increase group interaction. 

Group therapy both takes advantage of that “hard-wiring” and also seeks to help us deal with problems that occur in our abilities to relate to others as we would wish.  In the context of a therapy group, we see ourselves through others’ eyes -- a rare occurance in our culture.  We see and hear how others deal with interpersonal difficulties.  We give and receive support, feelings of nurturance, and (occasionally) useful confrontation.  By its very nature, group therapy pulls for the re-creation of some of our as yet unresolved or even unrecognized family issues and allows us to experiment safely with possible resolutions.  And, always, there is the support of others who have come to care and be invested.

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